Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Falling in love with a gorgeous VAMPIRE???

Well, it seems as though I haven't updated this here blog in quite some time. i have no idea what 2 write in this blog..hehe..but i'm tryin' to put big effort to type it in English..this is the one of the ways to improve my English well as to prepare myself to be a becoming teacher ..:)

so..i just finished watching TWILIGHT..such an interesting movie..i'm falling in luv with a handsome and gorgeous family of vampires actually..:) i heard from my fren dat there's a story behind the movie. The vampires were kept for 3 months before the filming to protect them from sunlight... haha..poor them.. this movie is actually adapted from a book (TWILIGHT by Stephenie Meyer) .Some of the viewers said that the movie is not as good as the book..ummm..nothing much to say because i haven't read the book yet..:) but i'm sure that there must have a sequel for this movie because in the end ,the story is hanging just like that..i'm sure you will enjoy watching this movie will makes you experience a new outlook of vampires and how they interact around mankind . is that so??

ha.. one more thing..i went to Midvalley during this holiday with my crazy fwens and had fun together..miss them damn so much!!

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